Was the night before surgery and all through my head,
I was very nervous and unable to go to bed.

My thoughts full of emotion, discomfort and scars,
Kept me up all night watching the stars.

Morning came quickly and to the facility I go,
Put my comfy’s on, thank God its not a fashion show.

Anesthesia was nice and my surgeon the best,
As I dosed off to sleep, my fears became less.

Woke up in recovery, groggy but fine,
Knowing my days of healing will require some time.

Day one and day two were miserable as can be,
But the echo’s of Nurse Nancy said, ‘Walk, walk, walk,’ to me.

Instructions were given, if I lay flat,
To put a pillow under my knees to help my belly and back.

Hugging a pillow tight as I cough or sneeze,
Makes my incisional pain a little more at ease.

Water, juice and soup broth don’t seem to be tasty,
But I have to stick to this since my bowels aren’t very hasty.

Though I feel icky and want a relaxing bath,
Soaking in a tub will lead me down the wrong path.

A nice, warm shower will relax me the same,
My wounds are protected, its part of the game.

On day three I never knew if this cramping would pass,
But wow, look at that, I started passing gas!

Prune juice is yummy, no one would admit,
But to hasten the bowel is a cheap option to commit.

With my appetite increasing, I knew that was improvement,
A few hours later I had my first bowel movement.

Three to four days they said to feel relief,
It was hard to understand or really believe.

And here I am day five, almost recovered,
Glad Dr. Harrison and Nancy had me covered.

Questions that arose on day one, two and three,
Were answered with patience and comfort to me.

If surgery is needed for my family and friends,
Highlander Surgical is where I’d tell them to find peace and mends.

©​2019 Nancy Harrison, RN